Utilizing NovaThreads in Norfolk, VA for Non-Surgical Facelifts

Do you want a facelift, but hate the thought of surgery and long recovery times? At Medical Aesthetics of Virginia, we have the perfect solution. We use NovaThreads in Norfolk, VA, which are hypodermic needles that come preloaded with a PDO (polydioxanone) absorbable suture.

By injecting the PDO sutures under the skin of your neck or face, we induce your body’s natural healing processes to create new collagen around the sutures. This new collagen acts to strengthen and revitalize the skin around your face and neck. Over time the sutures naturally absorb into your skin, leaving no scar tissue or trace of the injections.

Because PDO fully absorbs into the skin, it is one of the safest materials to use in the body, and it is even used in cardiothoracic procedures. To learn more about using PDO injections for your skin care, reach out to our office.

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Two Primary Techniques: NuMesh and NuLift

With our facial rejuvenation services, we use two primary techniques when injecting your sutures. The first method is NuMesh and involves creating a mesh (two vertical and three horizontal sutures) under the surface of your skin. This mesh serves as a foundation for collagen and will tighten the skin more naturally than a traditional facelift. The other method we use is known as NuLift, and it uses specialized sutures that have “barbs” or “cogs.” When inserting these PDO sutures, our team will pull them in one or two directions to help reposition the skin. This has a more immediate effect when compared to the NuMesh method.

Restoring the V-Shape

A beautiful and healthy face has a natural “V-shape”; however, as we age, the skin and tissues in our face and neck begin to sag inverting the shape.  By using the PDO injections offered at our medical spa, you can restore this “V-shape” by delicately lifting and repositioning the skin around your neck and jaw. If you wish to learn more about the benefits and precautions of PDO sutures, please reach out to us.

Before & After

NovaThreads Sagging Neck

NovaThreads Sagging Neck, Before and After

Courtesy of Dr. Allen Ross Glasmann & NovaThreads

NovaThreads Midface & Lower Third

NovaThreads Midface and Lower Third, Before and After

Courtesy of Kian Karimi & NovaThreads

NovaThreads Abdomen

NovaThreads Abdomen, Before and After

Courtesy of Dr. Omar Shafie & NovaThreads

NovaThreads Midface & Lower Third

NovaThreads Midface, Before and After

Courtesy of Kian Karimi & NovaThreads

NovaThreads Lips

NovaThreads Lips, Before and After

Courtesy of Dr. Antonella Quaranta & NovaThreads

NovaThreads Glabella & Nasolabial

NovaThreads Glabella and Nasolabia, Before and After

Courtesy of Kati Midgley, PA-C & NovaThreads