Get Rid of a Tattoo at Our Medical Spa in Norfolk, VA

Are you living with a tattoo that you regret? Maybe you just want to remove it for other reasons. At Medical Aesthetics of Virginia, we’re proud to offer patients access to the effective Harmony XL laser for all of our laser tattoo removal procedures. Our medical spa is committed to providing our clients with a broad range of comprehensive aesthetic treatments, as well as tattoo removal services in Norfolk, VA. We want to help you look and feel your best! For more information about our practice or to schedule a consultation appointment, contact us today.

What’s Involved with Tattoo Removal?

Tattoo removal is one of the fastest-growing aesthetic treatments available today. That is probably because the number of people with tattoos that they want to remove is higher today than it ever has been. We don’t want our patients to live with tattoos that no longer feel like “them.” So, our practice is proud to offer tattoo removal with the Harmony XL laser. This laser treatment is one of the most reliable ways to remove tattoos of all colors and sizes. It is particularly good at removing darker tattoos that are black, blue, or green.

All of our laser tattoo removal procedures are administered by our licensed master aesthetician, Deanna Bain. Deanna has been working in the field of aesthetics for 14 years, so you can take comfort knowing your treatment is being administered by a licensed and experienced professional.

How Does It Work?

Tattoos are created by injecting colored pigments into the skin using specialized needles. During a laser tattoo removal treatment, we direct pulses of laser energy, which are absorbed by these pigments. As the pigments absorb the laser energy, they begin to break up and disperse. In the weeks following each treatment session, macrophages (white blood cells) within the body remove the rest of the pigmentation from the body.

What Can You Expect from This Treatment?

The amount of time each tattoo removal treatment takes will depend on the size and color of the tattoo being removed. Regardless of these factors, treatment is fairly uncomfortable. Patients liken the sensation of this treatment to specks of bacon grease or a thin rubber band hitting their skin.

Several treatments are necessary to remove a tattoo completely. While laser tattoo removal techniques and skin remodeling have become more sophisticated and effective over time, some tattoos are still not able to be removed completely with this treatment.

If you’d like to say goodbye to a hated tattoo, or you want more information about tattoo removal costs, contact us. We proudly provide medical skin care and body treatment for clients throughout Norfolk, Virginia, and the surrounding areas.